Welcome to LEGO City, the sprawling metropolis filled with crazy characters and down-to-earth citizens, all working together to bring the city to life.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Cubs and Robbers

    G A movie promotion stunt goes wrong, unleashing a humongous "Cubby the Cop" balloon on the city.

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      • Buster Moves

      G It's a mad dash by Buster to retrieve his runaway moustache in this fast-paced, zany city-wide chase!

      • To Cop or Not to Cop

      G Grizzled and Rooky go undercover to root out the criminal mastermind behind a counterfeit pie operation.

      • Handle with Car

      G Duke gets a new high-tech, artificially intelligent car, but will he and the temperamental car learn to adapt to each other's ways in time to foil a criminal plot?

      • The Silver Blur

      G The oblivious Ms. Blumfeld is accidentally turned into an inadvertent superhero, stopping crimes around the city, as Duke struggles with his orders to arrest the celebrated vigilante.

      • Harl Hubbs Day

      G It's Harl Hubbs Day and Harl sees the celebration as an opportunity to help the whole city. Unfortunately, Harl quickly discovers he wasn't quite prepared for full blown Harl-mania!

      • Ann They're Off

      G Billy's mother, Ann, surprises everyone when she accepts a junkyard race challenge against the city's notorious, undefeated street racing legend, Tread Octane.

      • Bob and Clemmons' Excellent Adventure

      G We pull back the curtain to see the great lengths through which Firemen Bob and Clemmons go to retrieve the long list of bizarre items Fire Chief Freya requests during a typical emergency.

      • The Man With No Name With a Name

      G It's an old west showdown, LEGO-style!

      • Daisy Chain Gang

      G Fendrich organises a massive Police and Fireman charity variety show as a distraction while he and his crew secretly attempt to steal the deed to the city.

      • Backdraft to School

      G Freya learns she is one credit short of graduating from the fire academy and is suspended as Fire Chief until she completes the course.

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