Gear up for an epic League of Legends battle, as contestants from Australia and New Zealand go head to head!

Only one region can emerge victorious. 

What is it?

An array of eSports stars will gather to represent New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, in an intense two-day clash of League of Legends battles. 

The four teams will collide, fighting to honour their slice of Oceania. 

Will they soar to the skies, or come crashing down to earth? 

When is it?

The tournament takes place Saturday 3 June and Sunday 4 June, at Sydney's ESL Studios. We'll be livestreaming the event, right here on TVNZ.

Day One will be a round robin between all four teams. The team in fourth place will be left behind, with the top three progressing to Day Two.

Day Two will see second and third place face off. The winning team will then continue, to face the Day One champions in the final battle. 

Who is it?

All players are Australian and New Zealand residents, hand-picked to represent their turf. 

Kiwi leader Cameron "Crunch" Russell is adamant that while NZ may sit at the bottom of the map, they'll end up on the top of the leaderboards. 

See below for full teams.