Sharp Blacks captain Corey Winder

1. It’s factual, but far from dull

It follows a dedicated and passionate team of Kiwi butchers as they work towards the 2018 World Butcher’s Challenge in Ireland.

They’re serious about what they do but still have a laugh when they can. Think The Casketeers, but in the world of butchery.

2. The intense rivalries

If there’s anything Kiwis understand, it’s a sporting rivalry with Australia or France and the Sharp Blacks have both.

Just like the All Blacks at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, these butchers have a score to settle.

3. It's butchery as a sport

Like any sport, there’s training, intimidation tactics, strict rules and questions about dodgy scoring. It also doesn’t hurt that legendary sports commentator Keith Quinn is the narrator.

4. The personalities

Each episode focuses on a different member of the Sharp Blacks, so you get to know them all and what they bring to the butcher's block. They’re genuine, hard-working and passionate about what they do.

5. The humour

Sure, the competition is fierce and the teams are deadly serious, but that can bring out surprising moments of humour. Australian Steelers team manager Trevor in particular is a TV gem.

The Sharp Blacks film a promo music video

6. It’s a whole new world you may not have known existed

Did you know we had a national butchery team called the Sharp Blacks that competed internationally? Well now you do! After watching the series you’ll be completely invested in the people and their goal.

7. The underdog story 

The Sharp Blacks were once world champions and this is their road to redemption. Will they be able to cut the Aussies down to size? You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

8. The controversy 

Bubbling under the surface is a possible scandal surrounding the French team and what Sharp Black Greg thinks was “some irregular scoring”. It’s just another reason they’re so desperate for victory in 2018. 

9. It’s not just meat, it’s art

It’s like the MasterChef of meat. You won’t look at a steak or lamb rack the same way again once you’ve seen what these butchers can do. Also where can we get ourselves a beef boat?