Captain Corey Winder

Captain Corey Winder - Cutting & Finishing

Corey is from Christchurch and he’s the veteran that holds the team together.

He’s been in The Sharp Blacks since their inception in 2011. 

He brings a wealth of knowledge, not only on the butchery side but also around the competition itself and he reckons the Sharp Blacks set themselves apart from the rest with their ability to work well as a team. 

Hohepa Smith

Hohepa Smith - Boner & Breaker

Currently working on the Gold Coast this young boner is an individual star on a winning streak. 

He was named the Competenz Butcher Apprentice of the Year in 2015 and won the 2016 World Apprentice Competition. 

Smith says, “I started off as a meat packer and it was just a job to me, but then I decided I wanted to be a beef boner so I focused on my knife skills and went from there.”  

Jeremy Garth

Jeremy Garth - Boner & Breaker

Jeremy is a hard working member of the team, and works next to Hohepa as the second of the two boner/breakers in the team. 

Hailing from Christchurch means that he has been able to learn from the best — Captain Corey Winder (also from Christchurch) was Jeremy's boss and is still his mentor. 

He has a sleeve of butchery tattoos on one arm, showing that butchery really is in his blood. 

Zak Grammer

Zak Grammer – Value adder

After learning the basics at his Dad’s butchery, and then the Mad Butcher Palmerston North,  Zak moved to London.

There he learned about the flair of artisan butchery working at some prestigious London butchers as well as working for Jamie Oliver.


Greg Egerton

Greg Egerton – Value adder 

Greg from Dunedin is the man with ‘out of the box’ ideas.

His creativity could be vital in making the themed end display appeal to the judges. 

His favourite part about butchery is creating new products and the process of selling these to customers. 


Hannah Miller Childs

Hannah Miller Childs - Display & Garnish

The Sharp Blacks success gave American-born Hannah confidence to open her own shop, A Lady Butcher, specialising in creating beautifully cured and preserved meats from New Zealand, using ethically raised animals. 

Her chef background gives an extra dimension – and as the team garnisher she is in charge of every single finished product on the table.