The Pure South Sharp Blacks

The Pure South Sharp Blacks, New Zealand’s nationally selected butchery team, have a score to settle. 

In 2016, the team were poised to take out the World Butcher’s Challenge for the fourth consecutive time, but lost to newcomers France.

A crushing trans-Tasman loss to the Aussies in early 2017 left the Sharp Blacks rocked by another defeat.

Knives Out follows the six elite Kiwi butchers as they train, sweat, practice and plan their way to the 2018 World Butcher’s Challenge in Ireland – think of it as the World Cup of butchery.

These fierce Kiwi competitors are passionate, determined and as serious as any international-level sports team would be.

You will come for the story, but end up staying for the people.

There's the Sharp Blacks’ Captain Corey, who has been called the Richie McCaw of butchery. Then who could forget Australian Steelers manager Trevor, who has a chandelier and red carpet in his butchers shop.

Knives Out has it all – heart, humour and a fierce rivalry with Australia. 

About the 2018 World Butchers Challenge

It’s the biggest international butchery competition and this year it’s being held in Belfast, Ireland.

12 teams from all over the globe will be there to fight for the title of best butchers in the world.

Each country has a team of 6 butchers who have 3 hours and 15 minutes to turn a side of beef, a side of pork and a whole lamb into an artistic display of meat.

Each person has a role to play, from the twin boners, to the garnisher and display expert.

The display will be themed around a subject of the team’s choosing.

Knives Out premieres Friday 8 June at midday on TVNZ OnDemand.