Kitchen Science

Kitchen Science

Join Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl & The Imaginauts) and her helpers as they create fun and exciting science experiments that you can do at home.

Kitchen Science
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Sticky Ice and Bubbly Inflator

    G Vinshi, Virath and their mum Doreen help Michelle make an ice cube go from slippery to sticky... and blow up a balloon without using their lungs!

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      • Fermented Ketchup

      G Ethan joins Dr Michelle Dickinson to make a delicious homemade tomato ketchup and we discover how fermentation works, using good bacteria to transform foods and help them last longer.

      • Popcorn

      G Taemin and her mum Hana join Michelle to make everyone's favourite movie snack food - popcorn! We'll learn all about the science behind what really makes the kernels burst open.

      • Roly Poly Pizza Scrolls

      G Michelle is joined in the kitchen by Angus and they make some delicious pizza scrolls! We'll learn why yeast is so important in this recipe and you can get inventive using whatever fillings you like in these tasty scrolls at home.

      • Chia Seed Pudding

      G Alanna learns all about the magical absorption powers of the chia seed when she and Michelle whip up a scrummy chia seed pudding. These little seeds trap water so well, they're the perfect base for a tasty treat that can be enjoyed any time of day.

      • Scrumptious Cookies

      G Luke helps Michelle make a delectable batch of fluffy, tasty cookies using egg yolks rather than egg whites. We'll learn about the science behind why in this cookie recipe, it helps to make our cookies so scrumptious.

      • Homemade Peanut Butter

      G Peanut butter is made by grinding roasted peanuts. Peanuts have a high oil content, and sisters Anvi and Asmi discover this is very useful in creating peanut butter's thick paste texture, when they help Michelle blitz up a jar of the popular spread.

      • Raspberry Cordial

      G Brother and sister Ibrahim and Aisha join Michelle to make a delicious raspberry cordial that the whole family can enjoy as a treat. We'll learn about what happens when two or more materials are mixed evenly throughout a mixture.

      • Mayonnaise

      G Dylan learns about the perfect example of an emulsion - a stable mixture of two liquids (oil and water) that normally are unmixable - when he helps Michelle make a creamy mayonnaise.

      • Creamy Custard

      G Malie learns how eggs thicken milk into custard when she makes a pot of delicious creamy vanilla custard that is just perfect to have with your favourite pudding or fruit.

      • Crunchy Cheesy Chicken Nuggets

      G Kuini bakes up a batch of the tastiest chicken nuggets you'll come across when she joins Michelle in the kitchen.

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