King of the Hill

King of the Hill

Hank Hill is a straight-laced man of few words, living in suburban Texas. Hank does his best keep to his family in line, teaching them life lessons while enjoying a beer with the neighbours.

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King of the Hill
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    Season 1, Episode 1

    MC A social worker mistakenly believes that Hank is physically abusing his son.

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      MC When Bill develops diabetes due to his poor eating habits, he is forced into making some serious lifestyle changes.

      MC When an environmental scandal hits Strickland Propane, Hank suggests the company go green; and Dale begins scheming ways to profit from it.

      MC When Kahn's idol tears down an abandoned house to build a flimsy mansion, the gang bands together to save the neighbourhood from going down hill.

      MC When Strickland Propane goes digital with a page on Myspace, business rises... but so do the problems.

      MC When the students at Tom Landry Middle School have to pass a standardised test, the faculty is put in jeopardy because of the "No Child Left Behind" policy, and Principal Moss comes up with a plan to outsmart the system.

      MC Peggy wants a big flat-screen TV and figures out a way to get it: she invests in companies that make things that "average American consumer" Bill buys.

      MC Hank and a new neighbour lock horns over how to run the local chapter of a boys group called the Order of the Straight Arrow.

      MC When Peggy throws a baby shower for Luanne, Lucky's sister Myrna butts heads with Peggy over how the child should be raised.

      MC Buck Strickland is inducted into the Propane Hall of Fame and asks Hank to accompany him to the convention in Memphis to keep him out of trouble.

      MC When Peggy and Hank's date night runs long, and they forget to pick up Bobby at the mall, Bobby tries to use their guilt to his advantage.

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