Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh in Killing Eve.

In Killing Eve, the title character is an MI5 security officer who lands her dream job as a spy, tasked with hunting down the prolific female assassin Villanelle. 

It sounds dark, but it is also quirky and at times hilarious. Here’s why you should be watching. 

1. You’re instantly an armchair traveller

Every episode is like a European extravaganza!

In the first episode alone the show takes you to Vienna, London, Paris and Tuscany. Stay home and enjoy it from the couch we reckon.

2. It’s laugh-out-loud funny in places

It is darkly hilarious and that's probably because it’s written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also wrote the comedy series Fleabag.

Her quirky sense of humour is often evident, but never more so than when MI6 agent Carolyn Martens points to a place on the street and says to Eve with deadpan perfection, “I once saw a rat drink from a can of Coke there, with both hands. Extraordinary.”

3. It’s not too gruesome

Villanelle’s job is killer for hire, so of course it can be a bit grim at times. But it’s definitely not gratuitous.

There is very little blood and violence with the focus falling squarely on the psychology of both killer and spy, more than on the actual acts of murder.

4. Sandra Oh is the heroine we need right now

Can we just take a minute to sit back and appreciate what a gift it is to have Sandra Oh back on our screens? The Grey’s Anatomy favourite shows just what we’ve been missing since she bowed out of the medical drama in 2014.

She plays Eve, the spy tasked with hunting down Villanelle, and she is superb.

5. Eve is oh so relatable

Sure, we’re not secret agents like her but Eve still gets us completely.

Like the moment where she calls her colleague’s baby “beautiful but stinky” or when she says she hasn’t “flirted since the late 90s”. We feel you sister.

Fiona Shaw as MI6 agent Carolyn Martens.

6. Jodie Comer is creepy as hell as Villanelle

Comer has to master many accents, languages, and characters as Villanelle. But she also brings her to life in all her psychopathic glory.

She’s scarily intelligent, quick-witted, manipulative, and has limitless confidence. She can also sever a man’s femoral artery without him feeling a thing. She’s one of the best and most complex villains on TV.

7. The supporting cast often steals the show

Oh and Comer are outstanding, but so are the actors around them.

Fiona Shaw (who’s probably Petunia Dursley forever to Harry Potter fans) is brilliant as MI6 agent Carolyn Martens. Then there’s Bill, Eve’s boss, who is played by Four Weddings and a Funeral actor David Haig.

His relationship with Eve is refreshing and the friend/colleague line is often completely blurred between them. “You could get in a lot of trouble if I was a serious man,” Bill says, summing up their dynamic entirely.

8. It’s a spy show made by women

As a rule, spy thrillers have generally been a male dominated genre. But Killing Eve is produced by Sally Woodward Gentle, written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and the cast is led by Oh and Comer.

Oh has said that this show represents “the change” that women have been talking about in the industry. It’s a fresh take on the genre and loses all of the stuffy slowness of older spy stories.

9. It’s psychologically complex

Essentially, the series becomes a fast-paced, cat-and-mouse chase across countries. But sometimes it’s hard to decide who is the cat and who is the mouse.

It makes for an intense dynamic between the spy and the assassin which goes from curiosity to obsession. And is that a hint of sexual tension as well? You’ll want to stay tuned to see how this turns out.