David Haig as Bill Pargrave.

Age: 61

Position: Head of Security Section, MI5

Special Skills: Linguist, sense of humour, reads between the lines.

Wants: To be able to work half as long for twice as much so he can spend more time with his baby daughter.

Bill is weary. He never sleeps and he sees work as a haven from home.

He doesn’t want trouble, or excitement or controversy at work he just wants life to be quiet. 

He ducked out of being the maverick field agent years ago. But it flickers…

He and Eve have worked together for more than ten years – they have a great relationship. Bill humours Eve’s conspiracies, teases her and also dismisses them. 

She has been right once or twice, but when she is, there is normally a whole load of bureaucratic red tape to have to sort through and these days, he’d rather not have to deal with it. 

When Eve proposes he join her in a secret assassin-tracking unit with MI6, he discovers he may have some life left in him yet.

Bill Pargrave is played by David Haig. His TV credits include Yes, Prime Minister, Penny Dreadful, The Thick of It, Keeping Mum, and The Thin Blue Line.

On the big screen, he played Bernard in Four Weddings and a Funeral and had roles in Florence Foster Jenkins and Two Weeks Notice.