Killing Eve

Killing Eve

The multiple award-winning drama following an epic cat-and-mouse chase and mutual obsession between a stylish but psychopathic assassin and the MI5 agent tasked with tracking her down.

Killing Eve
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 9 Apr 2018

    M MI5 security officer Eve Polastri is bored in her job and yearns for a more exciting life. When a Russian politician is murdered, Eve is tasked with protecting the only witness and soon finds herself on a collision course with violent and extraordinary assassin, Villanelle.

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      • Monday 13 Apr 2020

      16V Eve attempts to rebuild her life after being shot and left for dead in Rome by Villanelle. Believing she killed Eve, Villanelle begins to move on... until she is approached by an old foe offering her a brand new opportunity.

      • Monday 20 Apr 2020

      16V Eve and Carolyn struggle to deal with their grief. Meanwhile, Villanelle is sent to infiltrate a childrens' birthday party.

      • Monday 27 Apr 2020

      16V Villanelle agrees to a job which will take her back to London. Meanwhile, Carolyn's Moscow contacts come in use when Eve and the Bitter Pill team unravel a potential lead to The Twelve.

      • Monday 4 May 2020

      16V Eve tries to patch things up with Niko. Meanwhile, Villanelle receives good news about her upcoming promotion but can't shake the feeling that there's still something missing from her life.

      • Monday 11 May 2020

      16C Villanelle returns home to Mother Russia to try to find her family. Perhaps a new connection to her roots will give her back what's been missing in her life...

      • Monday 18 May 2020

      16V Eve finds a lead which might bring her closer to Villanelle. Meanwhile, Villanelle has had enough and decides on a different path.

      • Monday 25 May 2020

      MV Eve finds a clue to Villanelle's whereabouts in the most unlikely of places. Villanelle and Dasha work together on a kill. The pressure is getting to Konstantin.

      • Monday 1 Jun 2020

      16V Season Finale: Konstantin makes a break for it. Carolyn might have finally found what she's looking for. Eve and Villanelle try to work out what the future may hold for them.