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Killing Eve

The multiple BAFTA award-winning drama picks up 30 seconds after the season 1 finale, Eve must navigate the fallout of her last meeting with love-drunk psychopath and career assassin Villanelle.

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Killing Eve
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 9 Apr 2018

    MV MI5 security officer Eve Polastri is bored in her job and yearns for a more exciting life. When a Russian politician is murdered, Eve is tasked with protecting the only witness and soon finds herself on a collision course with violent and extraordinary assassin, Villanelle.

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      • Saturday 6 Apr

      MV Eve is reeling from her act of violence against Villanelle and doesn't know whether she is alive or dead. Meanwhile, a paranoid and severely injured Villanelle manages to get herself to the hospital.

      • Saturday 13 Apr

      M Carolyn introduces Eve to her new team before Eve briefs them on the Villanelle case. Villanelle, needing to lie low while she recovers, finds a Good Samaritan to take her in and care for her.

      • Saturday 20 Apr

      MC Villanelle's new circumstances are looking bleak. Eve makes a dangerous deal with an old acquaintance. Villanelle is surprised when she is approached by a figure from her past.

      • Saturday 27 Apr

      MV Villanelle, unhappy with the cards she's been dealt, decides to take things into her own hands and continue her work as a freelancer. After the discovery of another dead body, Eve and her new team make a break in their case.

      • Saturday 4 May

      MV Eve and Villanelle discover that their interests might be best served if they can work together. Carolyn prepares the team for a potential meeting between the two of them.

      • Saturday 11 May

      MV Eve is tasked with preparing her new partner for a crucial mission. Villanelle treads carefully and uses her unrivaled infiltration skills to immerse herself in the world of her new target.

      • Saturday 18 May

      MV Villanelle dives deep into the world of her target under the guise of her new-found persona, Billie. Meanwhile, Eve and Niko confront each other about their future.

      • Saturday 25 May

      16V Season Finale: After hearing the emergency code word, Eve botches the mission and goes in herself to save her partner. Villanelle does everything she can in order to get to her ultimate target.