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Kevin Can Wait

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Kevin Can Wait – Season 1, Episode 13

G Kevin tries to make good on an overdue promise to buy Donna a proper engagement ring, but his plan backfires when he tries to surprise her.


    PGR New Series: In this brand new comedy, former cop Kevin has to deal with the reality of retirement.

    PGR Kevin rearranges the house to his liking after his buddies convince him that Donna makes all their decisions and has taken over the house for her own benefit.

    G Kevin thinks he's got it made when he hires someone via an online app to do his household chores while he plays football with his buddies.

    G Kevin tries to spice up his time with his buddies after he sees how much fun Donna and her friends are having at their book club.

    G Kevin gets busted for using Goody's heroic cop story from years ago to get out of forgetting his wedding anniversary.

    G Kevin and Donna are thrilled when their son, Jack, makes friends with a boy from school. But Donna and Kevin don't hit it off with the boy's arrogant father.

    PGR On Halloween, Kevin and Donna's neighbors "trick" them in holiday style when they pretend not to be home to avoid giving out candy.

    PGR Kevin gets jealous when he hears how happy his former patrol partner is with the extremely well fit rookie now riding with him and sets out to show his old friend what he's missing.

    G When Kevin starts working as a bartender, he goes overboard offering customers his unsolicited advice.

    G An unexpected love for Vietnamese food leads Kevin to open a food truck.

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