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Keep Calm And Carry On

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Keep Calm And Carry On Episodes

    • Wednesday 22 Aug 2012
    • 27 days left to view

    G Jaquie Brown shares her emotional journey of coming to grips with the lumps and speed bumps of being a new mum.

    • Wednesday 29 Aug 2012

    G Going where almost no woman has gone before, host Jaquie Brown investigates whether breast is really best, and examines the goodness in a glass of her own milk.

    • Wednesday 5 Sep 2012

    G Jaquie meets a mum who discovered she needed treatment for cancer the same day she found out she was pregnant. She also learns more about attachment parenting.

    • Wednesday 12 Sep 2012

    G Jaquie Brown discovers that New Zealand as a nation needs more children; she finds the answer to getting ready for baby number two; and she looks to the experts to explain the pregnant body.

    • Wednesday 19 Sep 2012

    G Meeting a West Auckland family gives Jaquie Brown a taste of Kiwi culture, and a visit to a social historian reveals the role war has played in making us who we are.

    • Wednesday 26 Sep 2012

    G Season finale: Jaquie Brown looks at what growing up in New Zealand means today; and she meets a family who have built their own home and had their first child in the same year.