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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Guns / NZ Book Awards

    G Maren follows the journey of just one of the thousands of guns being handed in around Aotearoa in the Gun buy back scheme. Where will it end up? Then James from Wellington gets the real story behind the story that won big at The NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults.

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      • Kapa Haka for Kids Goes Global

      G Whaitiri tells us how his kapa haka lessons were in jeopardy when the lockdown was announced. But this resourceful Kiwi changed things up so that more kids around the country and the world could have access to his kapa haka training talents.

      • Cheryl the Alligator's New Home / Teen Activist in Lockdown

      G We visit Cheryl the alligator who loves her new enclosure at Butterfly Creek. Plus, we meet 13-year-old anti-racism activist Ruby Judson, who is unable to get to an international conference in America for her cause.

      • Superhero Essential Workers / Ocean Swimmer

      G Essential Workers are Superheroes! We find out what life is like for Olivia, whose parents are both essential workers at hospital, and the steps taken when returning home before hugging her. Plus, we meet teen ocean swimmer Caitlin O'Reilly, the youngest person to swim Cook Strait and Lake Taupo, five days before lockdown. COVID-19 has derailed all her plans.

      • Kids Bikers in Lockdown / Beyond Blue

      G Kids are able to keep biking without bursting their bubbles. From the city to the country, kids show us how it is done. Bad weather is no obstacle to kid inventor Cooper who has built a stationary stand for his bike. New Zealanders create music for a new international game "Beyond Blue" that has NZ Composers and Musicians creating music for an educational game.

      • Surf Life Saving Diorama / Billie B Brown 10th Anniversary

      G 10-year-old Yasmin and mum, who works at Surf Life Saving, make dioramas in their quest to keep people out of the surf during lockdown. Author Sally Rippin and Illustrator Aki Fukuoka cancelled the launch of a new Billie B Brown book, celebrating 10 years since the first book, and instead created an online holiday programme.

      • Inside NZ's Biggest Covid Cluster / Sharing a Bubble with Sheep

      G A student at Marist College gives an exclusive on the days leading up to the biggest cluster of Covid19 cases in New Zealand. Charlotte tells us about what life is like in lockdown on the farm, from weighing sheep to launching rockets.

      • Lockdown Tips for Stress Relief / Rocket Challenge

      G Child psychiatrist Hinemoa Elder, gives stress-relieving tips to kids during lockdown. Kids from St. Anne's Catholic School in Christchurch design a water rocket and win the 2019 Rocket Challenge.

      • Lockdown Birthday Celebration / Tree Planting on a Farm

      G Estelle celebrates her 10th birthday during the lockdown. Standing by each other during lockdown, four siblings frolic on the farm and plant a tree seed.

      • Max Vimeo Challenges / Colour Our Story

      G Max challenges his friends to create incredible Vimeo videos to bust lockdown boredom. The students at Glen Innes Primary colour-in drawings by other kids from around the world, then send back drawings in a project called "Colour Our Story".

      • COVID-19 Lockdown Stories from Los Angeles, Italy and NZ

      G See how three families in the USA, Italy and New Zealand are living in lockdown.

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