There were rumours of a revival - but Gina Riley recently confirmed that she’s “98% done with playing Kim…”

Here’s what our favourite classy comedians have been up to since the show ended. 

Jane Turner as Kath.

Jane Turner (aka Kath)

When Jane Turner hung up Kath’s frizzy wig, her life became very different to that of her chatty, eternally-optimistic character. 

Turner was a representative for the United Nations, travelling to refugee camps and assisting charity efforts in Africa. 

Her television appearances dwindled but she made her theatrical debut on London’s West End in 2010, performing in the Australian play, Holding the Man.

“I’m actually quite a shy person, quite reserved,” she says. “I hate seeing myself on film and hearing my voice.”

Turner is married with three children, the youngest of which is a successful fashion model in Australia.

Gina Riley as Kim.

Gina Riley (aka Kim) 

Now in her mid-50s, Gina Riley’s creative vision is still intact. 

She recently appeared in drama series The Beautiful Lie and comedy Please Like Me

Her latest role is in a stage adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller, North by Northwest in Melbourne. She’s also appeared on stage in adaptations of Into the Woods and Chicago

At the moment, she’s working on her writing, but remains tight-lipped about what her next production will be.

Riley keeps her private life protected, often appearing in public as her character, Kim, rather than as herself. 

She’s married to Rick McKenna, and they have a daughter who’s also a budding actress. 

In 2013, Riley revealed she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was detected early and she returned to full health after receiving treatment. 

Magda Szubanski as Sharon.

Magda Szubanski (aka Sharon) 

Szubanski became an overnight celebrity, after her portrayal of the awkwardly, hilariously, adorable Shazza. 

She went on to star in popular Hollywood film Babe, and is the voice behind Miss Viola in the animated classic, Happy Feet. She also had a minor role in The Golden Compass

Szubanski also appeared in a global campaign for airline Jetstar, and dabbled in local musical theatre projects. 

More recently, Szubanski starred in popular Aussie drama Sisters, alongside Kiwi actor Antonia Prebble. 

After losing over 30kg, she became a spokesperson for dieting company Jenny Craig. 

Szubanski came out in a statement supporting same-sex marriage, on Valentine’s Day 2012. 

In 2015, she released a memoir titled Reckoning. It was highly-praised and awarded Book of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards. 

Szubanski has been voted Australia’s most recognised and trusted personality, twice. 

Glenn Robbins as Kel.

Glenn Robbins (aka Kel)

Glen Robbins is a celebrated actor and radio personality in Australia. 

In 2003 and 2004 he was nominated for Most Popular Actor, for his role as Kel Knight. 

Robbins launched a new game show in 2006 called Out of the Question, but the series was cancelled after one season. 

He’s made guest appearances on reality favourites Australian Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Rove and True Story with Hamish and Andy

Robbins also starred alongside Robyn Malcolm in Upper Middle Bogan.

He hosts a weekly one-hour radio segment in Melbourne, where he lives with his wife Selina, who is a nurse. 

Peter Rowsthorn as Brett.

Peter Rowsthorn (aka Brett)

Peter Rowsthorn began his career as a drama teacher, before becoming a stand-up comedian. He continued his work in comedy and education after Kath & Kim

He made several appearances on the improv show, Thank God You’re Here, and hosted the factual series Can We Help?

Rowsthorn is a big footie fan, and was the face of a campaign for the AFL in 2006. 

He lives with his wife and four children in Australia, and does support work for several charities including Oxfam. 

You can stream all of Kath & Kim Season 1 right here.