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Karena and Kasey's Kitchen Diplomacy Episodes

Season 2016

    • Sunday 31 Jul 2016

    G Season Premiere: Self-taught Maori cooking sensations Kasey and Karena Bird are set to take te reo me on tikanga to the world with a new series that will explore different cultures. Kasey And Karenas Diplomatic Mission takes the Masterchef winners from Maketu on a gastronomic journey to 10 of New Zealands overseas diplomatic posts.

    • Sunday 7 Aug 2016

    G Karena and Kasey are in beautiful Rome but everything doesn't go according to plan. From Pasta Masters, to finding out all about making traditional Italian dishes, Rome is a city of discovery.

    • Sunday 14 Aug 2016

    G A food tour on the streets of Old Delhi gets Karena and Kasey inspired for their hardest challenge to date and that's making appetisers for an Indian wedding.

    • Sunday 21 Aug 2016

    G This week Karena and Kasey are in Vietnam ending up in the lantern town of Hoi An to prepare for their challenge which will be their toughest but most rewarding yet.

    • Sunday 28 Aug 2016

    G Karena and Kasey hit the streets of LA in style, learning everything there is to know about food trucks, veganism and celebrity chefs. They are then set their biggest challenge to date.

    • Sunday 4 Sep 2016

    G This week the Maketu sisters travel to Shanghai and bump into a Kiwi food idol and end up on a crazy food tour like no other.

    • Sunday 11 Sep 2016

    G Where most travellers to Indonesia only visit Bali, Karena and Kasey head to the capital, Jakarta, to learn all about one of the world's most misunderstood cuisines.

    • Sunday 18 Sep 2016

    G Karena and Kasey travel to Chile to learn how Chilean Cuisine is moving forward by going back to it's ancestral past.

    • Sunday 25 Sep 2016

    G Karena and Kasey land in the food mecca of Tokyo and find them selves being auctioned off for a very special charity.

    • Sunday 2 Oct 2016

    G Season Finale: Karena and Kasey are in the Pacific visiting New Zealand's closest neighbour, New Caledonia, where it's a French - Island foodie fusion.