Karena and Kasey's Kitchen Diplomacy

They took MasterChef by storm, now Karena and Kasey are taking their cooking skills on a global world tour! Made with support from NZ On Air.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Sunday 31 Jul 2016

    G Karena and Kasey head to Seoul in South Korea, home to one of the most popular, on trend cuisines in the world.

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      • Thursday 8 Feb 2018

      G In Peru, Kasey and Karena face one of their toughest challenges yet; when they cook for a line-up of top local chefs in one of Lima's best restaurants.

      • Thursday 15 Feb 2018

      G In Ireland, Kasey and Karena discover an energetic food scene where local suppliers, local produce and local people are at the heart of a food revolution; not just in Dublin but across the country.

      • Thursday 22 Feb 2018

      G Karena and Kasey discover what makes authentic Hawaiian food; they're inspired to make their own luau feast for a group of locals, and find a huge amount of similarities between Hawaii and home.

      • Thursday 1 Mar 2018

      G Karena and Kasey travel Argentina, discovering an eclectic mix of European influences, and meat - lots of it! They sample some of the best beef in the country; then attempt to impress local foodies.

      • Thursday 8 Mar 2018

      G In Taiwanese capital Taipei, Karena and Kasey find a foodie paradise with great flavours and abundant restaurants. In the Hualian region, they learn about the food of the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan.

      • Thursday 15 Mar 2018

      G In Arizona, Karena and Kasey meet Nephi Craig, a ground breaking and inspiring Native American chef. Nephi cooks not only for the food, but also as a way to connect with cultural traditions.

      • Thursday 22 Mar 2018

      G Karena and Kasey travel to Sri Lanka to discover one of the world's most underrated cuisines. They love the complex flavour combinations, and array of dishes!

      • Thursday 29 Mar 2018

      G Karena and Kasey go off the beaten track in Fiji to learn more about the flavours of our Pacific neighbour.They cook for a local group of families in a village near the lesser known town of Savusavu.

      • Thursday 19 Apr 2018

      G Karena and Kasey meet one of Malaysia's most loved chefs to learn the about legacy recipes passed through his family.

      • Thursday 26 Apr 2018

      M Season Finale: Karena and Kasey learn about the one of the world's most popular cuisines, Thai, and cook for a group of prestigious guests at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.