Joe Pera Talks With You

A teacher living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula explores a variety of subjects such as breakfast, dancing, sleeping, and the rat wars of Alberta, Canada.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Joe Pera Shows You Iron

    G Joe Pera presents to viewers the importance of Northern Michigan geology, especially iron.

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      • Joe Pera Talks With You About Beans

      PG Beans are one of the most nutritious plants of all time. Joe Pera shares what he knows about this important and beloved plant as well as his ambitious plans for the upcoming summer.

      • Joe Pera Takes You on a Hike

      PG What is the difference between hiking and just walking outside? In this episode, Joe Pera and you use your legs to go up Sugarloaf Mountain to celebrate the last day of school.

      • Joe Pera Waits With You

      PG Joe Pera and you wait for his Nana to finish her appointment so they can go to Friday night fish fry.

      • Joe Pera Guides You Through the Dark

      PG When the power goes out on a summer evening, Joe Pera takes you outside to wander around the neighbourhood and see what his neighbours are up to.

      • Joe Pera Takes You to the Grocery Store

      PG Joe Pera takes you on his weekly trip to the grocery store.

      • Joe Pera Goes to Dave Wojcek's Bachelor Party With You

      PG Joe Pera and you bring a big cooler to a bachelor party in the woods.

      • Joe Pera Gives You Piano Lessons

      PG What does it take to be married for 40 years? Joe Pera helps teach his friend's wife how to play a song on the piano in time for their anniversary party.

      • Joe Pera Watches Internet Videos With You

      PG Unable to sleep, Joe Pera stays up late with you, sharing some of his favourite internet videos.

      • Joe Pera Has a Surprise for You

      PG Everything is better when cash is involved. Hopefully that is true when Joe Pera and you organize a surprise special event with a ​cash prize for friends.

      • Joe Pera Helps You Write

      PG Joe and you attempt to write something meaningful.

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