Jandal Burn

Jandal Burn

Life is a crack-up for best mates Puku the kiwi and Kev the kiwifruit. They work together in a jandal shop in the small town of Pikelet, New Zealand where every day brings new surprises.

Jandal Burn
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Milk and Cornfreaks

    G Puku refuses to do her breakfast dishes and comes home from work to find that her yucky old cereal is alive and sassy.

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      • Tip-Toe Takeover

      G When a threat to the Jandal Burn store moves in across the road, Kev and Puku set out to sabotage the grand opening.

      • Drive Me Crazy

      G Tony decides to start a delivery service so enlists Kev as one of his drivers... but Kev's driving skills leave a lot to be desired.

      • Home Baloney

      G Kev and Puku attend a sleepover at Gav's house... which turns out to be way fancier than they expected.

      • Imaginary Imagination

      G Kev freaks out when everyone else seems to be able to see Gav's imaginary friend. Maybe he has no imagination?

      • Scratch That

      G When Jandal Burn is forced into an unexpected lockdown, Kev, Puku, Gav and Sherri try to keep it together.

      • The Great Water War

      G In an attempt to stop an online troll, an epic water balloon fight breaks out in the park.

      • Technically Musical

      G When Tony's computer breaks, Kev and Puku must take it to a rather unusual repair shop that is both musical and musty.

      • The Puku Effect

      G When Tony fires Puku, Kev suddenly becomes WAY more productive at work. But what will Puku do for a job now?

      • Thursday Night Fever

      G After eating some bad cheese, Puku has a horrible, terror-filled night of cheese dreams.

      • Plane Crooked

      G A paper plane throwing competition gone wrong results in Kev, Puku and Sherri sneaking into Tip-Toe Joan's new shoe store.