Insomnia Player 5

What is it? 

Highly illegal, dangerously entertaining.

Insomnia is a high-stakes fictional-reality game, where the contestants have everything to gain, and everything to lose. 

Players fight to stay alive, and knock each other off, while high-profile gamblers watch their every move. 

Think The Hunger Games meets Big Brother

How does it work? 

The players are all injected with a drug, that will induce cardiac arrest if they fall asleep. There is no cure, apart from the antidote which is controlled by the game’s creator. 

They’re also equipped with a tracking device, attached to their wrist, which explodes if they try to remove it. 

In the beginning, every player is given a car, a gun and one bullet. 

If they kill another player, they’re rewarded with a dose of adrenaline. 

The rules are simple, stay awake, stay alive. Stay within the city limits, and stay silent. Telling anybody outside of the game, including the police, is punishable by death.  

Who are the players? 

The game starts with 20 players. All different ages, from all over the world.

Some of them are there willingly, criminals looking for a second chance. Some went to sleep and woke up with no idea how they got there.

Only 13 are left after the first five minutes… 

What’s the point? 

The last man standing gets the antidote, plus $10m and a new identity. 

Let the games begin. 

You can stream the full season of Insomnia right here