Lee Ingleby plays David Collier, a man determined to prove his innocence

He played zoo-founder George Mottershead in Our Zoo, bus-conductor Stan Shunpike in the Harry Potter films and is currently the voice of Bob the Builder.

But Ingleby’s latest role is something more sinister.

He plays David Collier, a man imprisoned for the murder of his wife Tara. When he went to jail he lost everything – his wife, his children and seven years of his life. 

But David insists he is innocent. So when his conviction is overturned on a technicality, he is determined to find Tara’s real killer and expose the liars who helped put him behind bars for a crime he says he did not commit.

He wants to rebuild his shattered life, but Tara’s sister Alice, played by Cold Feet’s Hermione Norris, stands in the way.

Alice is bringing up David’s kids, Jack and Rosie, and remains adamant he was violent with Tara and threatened her as well. She won’t let him take the kids away.

Hermione Norris as David's sister-in-law Alice

This sets the scene for what ITV drama controller Victoria Fea describes as a “contemporary relationship drama with a thriller pulse.”

With no other suspects being considered, a new detective, DI Hudson, takes on the case looking for anything that might have been missed the first time round. 

David might say he didn’t kill his wife, but the question remains: Is he really innocent? 

Watch Innocent right here! A new episode will air Tuesday on TVNZ 1 and OnDemand.