Fertility Week 2017 is coming up in November. For a unique look at the stories behind the issue, see TVNZ 1's Inconceivable, available on demand here. It was made in cooperation with Auckland DHB’s fertility clinic Fertility Plus. They are in need of help from the public. Sperm and egg donors to be precise.  

Fertility Weeks runs November 1-7 and reminds us how some Kiwi couples struggle to make the family they want. Please consider helping Fertility Plus patients create their families.  If you are a man under 45 or a woman under 36 and are interested in becoming a donor please contact Fertility Plus at fertlab@adhb.govt.nz.

The Fertility Week website www.fertilityweek.org.nz has information, tips and guidance, details of events around the country and free webinars with fertility specialists. Information about fertility treatment in New Zealand is also available by contacting Fertility Plus.

Fertility Plus provides comprehensive fertility assessment and treatment services, both public and private.

For more see: http://nationalwomenshealth.adhb.govt.nz/services/fertility


You can stream the full series of Inconceivable on TVNZ OnDemand here.