Inbar Lavi in Imposters.

Watch Imposters right here.

1. She’s brilliant at what she does.

Lavi’s performance as a con-artist in Imposters is flawless.

In her breakout role, she pulls off a multitude of personalities, styles and accents without a hitch. 

Critics have compared her to Tatiana Maslany, the award-winning actress who plays over twelve different characters in Orphan Black.

2. She’s humble.

Lavi is openly grateful for every opportunity, and genuinely excited about her acting work.

When talking about her Imposters role, she describes it as a dream come true.

“I’m a little overwhelmed even talking about it,” she said.

3. Her outlook on life is super positive.

“I try to take every day as a wonderful rollercoaster, and every person I meet is a new exciting chapter.” 

Talk about inspiring. 

4. She’s an undercover action junkie.

You may not have realised, but Lavi’s had guest roles in some major action dramas.

We’re talking shows like The Last Ship, Criminal Minds, Prison Break and Sons of Anarchy.

She’s also a badass and could totally kick your butt with her karate moves, if she wanted to. 

4. Her family is important to her. 

Lavi was born and raised in Israel. Her whole family still lives there, and she misses them dearly. 

“That’s my home, my heart is there. I try to go back as often as I can.”

She also has a puppy that she’s very attached to.

5. She’s completely beautiful.

Don’t pretend like you didn’t notice.

No matter what disguise she might be wearing on screen, Lavi is captivating. 

Apparently her secret weapon is Papaya Body Cream. It keeps your skin glowing and you get to smell like fruit punch all day. 

Are you taking notes? 

6. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Lavi reckons she's still figuring out the whole work/life balance thing. 

When describing red carpet events she said, “you get there and the flashes are so bright, you just hope that your boob isn’t hanging out, you know?”

She knows when to have a laugh, even at her own expense.

7. She’s super cool in real life.

Honestly. Just go check out her Instagram page