How to do Stuff Good

From crafts to cooking, tech tips to pranks, a team of life hackers is here to show you how to do stuff... good!

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Molly's Hamburger Pancakes

    G Find out how to make beautiful burger pancakes for breakfast, trick your parents with a coffee spill prank, and make an epic homemade lava lamp.

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      • Awesome Animal Hacks

      G We've got the best hacks for your favourite pets, and some animals that you don't want to hang out with! Abhi has a hilarious dog bed, Molly whips up koala lamingtons, and Jenna pranks her parents with fake dog poo!

      • Movie Magic Hacks

      G Roll out the red carpet, it's a movie night special! Christian has blockbuster sized nachos, Miles makes his own movie projector, Hari and Lila break down how to act at the movies, and Abhi makes an epic dinosaur lamp.

      • Secrets and Spy Hacks

      G Calling all wannabe spies, it's time for some secret hacks! Gabe creates a spy periscope, Molly has a cake filled with an awesome surprise, Abhi makes a hidden diary safe, and Miles makes a secret you can eat!

      • Cheap and Cheerful Hacks

      G Time to save a buck with our cheap hacks! Adelaide makes beautiful recycled pot plants, Gabe has an amazing cheap dress up idea, Devonte whips up some homemade hair gel, and Oriel has two amazingly cheap gifts!

      • Beach Bonanza Hacks

      G Grab your sunscreen, we're off to the beach! Abhi gives his bodyboard a makeover, Fede's got the info on bluebottle stings, Oriel makes a beach bag that requires no sewing, and Molly makes an epic sandcastle YOU CAN EAT!

      • Camp Champ Hacks

      G Roll out your swags, we're going camping! Fede shows you all the knots you need to know, Jenna pranks her fam with a fake mouldy sandwich, and Devonte hacks one loaf of bread to make three delicious camp meals.  

      • Save the Planet Hacks

      G It's time to save the planet! Molly makes Okonomiyaki from fridge leftovers, Adelaide is growing her own avocado tree, Jenna has a no waste prank, and Christian is making super creamy chocolate ice cream from avocados.

      • Super Space Hacks

      G Blast off with these spacey hacks! Yas recreates the surface of the moon, Adelaide gives her sneakers a supernova makeover, Molly makes a colourful galaxy chocolate treat, and Miles makes an incredible rocket flinger.

      • Rainy Day Hacks

      G Stuck inside on a rainy day? We've got you covered with the coolest hacks to keep you entertained! Jenna makes edible slime, Yas is walking on eggs, and Abhi creates a super cool terrarium to bring nature to your room.

      • Slumber Party Hacks

      G Make your next sleepover a party! Christian makes mug snacks for dinner and breakfast, Molly makes a giant pizza pullapart cake, and Hari and Lila serve up the dos and don'ts for your next sleepover.

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