When you’re starting a renovation it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing which shower mixer or tiles will look best in your bathroom, or whether your home should have a cool colour pallet or warm, but it’s also the perfect time to plan things like safety and security. 

Renovations not only cost money, but a lot of heart and soul gets poured into the project, so it only makes sense to factor in some home protection, like we did by fitting smoke alarms throughout Sarah and Peter's bungalow. Here are a few tips to consider before you get started:

Good quality locks on your windows and doors: With more to lose on the inside of your home, you'll want to make it more difficult to get into from the outside. Installing new locks is not every DIYer’s forte, so do some research and get in a professional to help.

Smoke/heat alarms: Different types of smoke and heat alarms suit different areas of your home. The NZ Fire Service website has some great advice on how to choose the right alarms and where to place them. You may even want to hard-wire smoke alarms into your home  for added assurance.

Home security system: These days there are so many options to monitor your home’s security. If you’re going for a traditional burglar alarm system with sensors, then installation could mean drilling holes in your walls (hence why it’s good to plan ahead so as to not upset your new paint job). There is also a wide range of wireless home security systems on the market that allow you to remotely monitor activity within your home from your smartphone.

Whatever the level of safety and security you go for the key is to think about it in advance to ensure it’s a seamless part of your home renovation. 

For more helpful tips and advice on home protection, visit AA Insurance