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  • The Uhila family home

    Space transformed: Laundry / utilities room

    What do you do to make a real difference to a family with nine kids under the age of nine? A mum herself, Melissa knew a major overhaul in the laundry and storage room would make life so much easier for Emma and Loma. After de-cluttering and putting up a fresh coat of paint (including a full blackboard wall for the kids) and some handy new storage, the team brought in the big guns - a Ultra Large Capacity Front Loader 16kg, a Samsung 9kg Heat Pump Dryer and a huge new Samsung Family Hub Fridge.

    Being able to wash 16kg of laundry in one hit, and the ability to add in spare socks and random bits of clothing mid-cycle means there will be less time spent in the laundry. The huge dryer, plus Dan's bespoke Totora clothes line just might make doing the onus task of laundry a bit more enjoyable for the Uhila's. 

    The fridge, does almost everything but make you a cup of tea - connected by wifi to your smart phone it has the ability to send your shopping list to your phone, and you can even check what's in the shelves through one of three cameras installed inside the fridge...and even monitor which of your cheeky kids has eaten the last biscuit. 

    Emma: "This is just beyond my wildest dreams really, it really will and has changed our life for the better." Loma: "It's breathtaking, and at the same time, we are so blessed and so fortunate to be given this opportunity." 

    Like what we've done? Here's the checklist...

    Appliances by Samsung

    Samsung Family Hub Fridge

    Samsung Ultra Large Capacity Front Loader 16kg

    Samsung 9kg Heat Pump Dryer

    Paint by Resene

    Ceiling/Window surrounds: Resene Soft Amber

    Walls: Resene Pumice

    Coat hook wall: Resene Blackboard Paint

    Coat Hooks: Resene Dawn Pink, Resene Wafer Pink, Resene Del Rio, Resene Green Mist, Resene Locust, Resene Flax, Resene Hot Grey, Resene Osle Grey, Resene Tiara

    Lighting by The Warehouse

    Black geometric light shade

    Accessories by The Warehouse

    Pale green storage boxes, grey rug, chalk, candle, diffuser, grey laundry boxes, lunch boxes, coat hooks (recycled door handles), towels

    Sandpit toys by The Warehouse

    Truck, bubble machine, car track