Spaces transformed: lounge and dining

This 1970's ex state house has been a well lived in student flat. Purchased eleven years ago when Matt and Ritchie started their student journey, the boys are looking to lift their game a bit now that they are young professionals.

Melissa's initial inspection produced gasps and gags as she discovered fly crap covering the ceilings, oil drenched cobwebs in the kitchen and a depressing bathroom. 

Deciding to tackle the living room, Melissa's painting brief was to make the space fresh, white, clean and bright. Her mission: to take the smelly old grottiness out of the room! The only problem - the giant couch, which didn't suite the space, but which the boys insisted stayed. We think Melissa did a pretty good job of working around it.  

The old carpet was ripped up and not only did we find maggots, but rotten floor boards which needed replacing. Fresh carpet was laid, a bar with stools for extra space next to the kitchen was added, and Dion fashioned some new beer crate styled shelving. All of this was given a completely fresh look with lighting, furniture and accessories from The Warehouse. 

"Dad had a bit of tear well up in his eye, it's one of his dreams to see this house reach its full potential."

Check out the boys' new cricket pitch come driveway!

Like what we've done? Here's the checklist...


Resene White Pointer

Resene Black White

Lighting from The Warehouse

Floor lamp

Side lamps

Ceiling light shades

Furniture from The Warehouse

White stools

Grey occasional chairs

Side tables

Coffee Table

Accessories from The Warehouse

Dart board, wooden crates, wall artwork, mirror, pot plants, candles, cutlery and plates, flowers


Project Floors