We've referred to this room as one epic doodle disaster! There wasn't a surface which hadn't come in contact with a crayon, permanent marker or pen. Amna and Fazeel were keen for a new master bedroom and ensuite, but we couldn't walk away from this home without doing something about this room.

The team wanted to create a fun, vibrant but also practical space for the kids to play, hang out, watch TV and doodle 'til their hearts are content. 

It took a lot of scrubbing before Melissa was able to cover the walls in some awesome pops of colour (remember the Khans asked for it not to be too bright!) Over the top of the colour she applied Resene Write-on Wall Paint - a gloss finish allowing you to draw on the walls and wipe it off - magic! 

The team assembled a huge flat-pack shelving and storage unit from The Warehouse and created a folding desk which can be tucked away when the kids want extra space to play...and doodle on the walls. 

"I love the space and the colourfulness," says Amna. "I'm absolutely delighted with what you've done," says Fazeel.

Like what we did? Here's the checklist...


Resene Kermit (Green)

Resene Splish Splash (Blue)

Resene Get Reddy (Red)

Resene Write-on Wall Paint

Resene Blackboard Paint

Furniture from The Warehouse

Storage cupboards


Desk Chair


Lighting from The Warehouse

Red lamp

Flooring from The Warehouse


Accessories from The Warehouse

Robot clock, art, storage boxes/baskets, triangle wall mounted shelf, cushions, artificial plants, stationary, toys, vases


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