Spaces we transformed: bedroom

Courtney and Jess live in their 1960's brick bungalow with boys Kaleb (7) and Danyon (11) and their two dogs. They've only recently moved in and with a huge mortgage and two full-time jobs these mums just don't have the capacity to renovate on their own. 

After carefully contemplating which room would make the most impact for the Woollers, Melissa decided Kaleb's tiny lavender painted room was a must-do. Dion designed and built a raised bed with study nook underneath. A fresh coat of paint and some clever custom designed Resene Wall Print wallpaper, plus some new curtains and a tonne of cool accessories from The Warehouse gave Kaleb a space of his own. Melissa even found him a cool pyramid mirrored box to display his prized crystal collection, and the new room comes with new pets - goldfish! He was one happy kid.

"Kaleb's room in general just blew me away - there's absolutely no way we could ever have imagined anything like that for him." 

Like what we've done? Here's the checklist...

Paint from Resene

Walls: Resene Oslo Grey

Customised wallpaper from Resene

Resene Wall Print

Lighting from Lighting Plus

Black geometric pendant

Green lamp

Window Treatments

Resene Influence, Charcoal Roman Blinds - Resene

Accessories from The Warehouse

Dark grey storage baskets, duvet & pillowcase, blue cushions, stool, artwork x4, mirror triangle, artificial plants, black shelves, pencils, pencil case, drawing pads, light-up speech bubble, green storage popup, and clock.

New pets

Fish tank + fish from Animates