Spaces we transformed: kitchen / living

Our lovely colour-shy couple Erin and Ants wanted colour - but in small doses. Their whole home was neutral tones and although very clean and tidy was just a little bland. 

Melissa's vision was to give the whole kitchen a face lift - by adding a new bench top and cupboard doors it cost a quarter of the price of a new kitchen, but makes the whole space look completely different. The theme of the kitchen was pistachio, black and gold, and with her pistachio tile in hand she hit The Warehouse to find the perfect accessories to complement the new space. 

Where things got daring was in the living room where Melissa went for a bright green feature wall and framed wallpaper artwork. The colour was a shock to Erin, but she's since told us she's actually fallen in love with it. 

Erin sent us this message after the renovation: "We are just so in love with it! We spend endless hours sitting in the new living room just in dream land looking at the beautiful kitchen. Even our furbabues love it and have fully claimed the couch...especially the cat. We still can't believe we have been giving this amazing gift. It certainly has been a major mood lifter and we feel extremely special."

Like what we've done? Here's the checklist...

Wallpaper from Resene

Feature Wallpaper: Resene 605969

Framed Wallpaper: Resene 605730

Framed Wallpaper: Resene 605747

Lighting from The Warehouse

White bistro lights

Free standing lamp


Kitchen fitout by BML

Window Treatments

Blackout curtains - Resene

Resene Meander Voile curtains - Resene

White sunscreen blind - Wholesale Blinds

Accessories from The Warehouse

Cushions, black throw, gold round tray, candles, mirror tray, artificial orchard, white frames, rug, chopping boards, art, cutlery, dinner set, toaster, jug, black bowl, salt and pepper shakers, biscuit jar, plant pots, gold cocktail set, gold wire bowl, glasses, glass jug, artificial plant, and oven mits.

Furniture from The Warehouse

Black three seater couch

Coffee table

Brown woven chair

Splashbck tiles from Tile Space

Liverpool Pistache Gloss