Spring is the perfect time to give your bedroom a fresh look and the best part – you can easily change the whole look of a bedroom with crisp new linen, a throw and some cushions - without blowing your budget. We've created a beautiful bedroom gallery above which gives you loads of ideas on how to pair your bedding with artwork and accessories to create a brand new look. 

And now for some tips

A heavily patterned feature wall can dominate a room, so choose bedding, rugs, throws and accessories in subtler tones - pulling out the more understated colours from the wallpaper to create harmony and flow without overpowering the room.  

Getting the balance right and keeping to a theme or colour pallet is key to pulling off a successful room transformation. 

Things to consider:

Are you working with cool or warm colours? If your existing walls and window treatments are warm tones, then stick to warm fabrics and accessories to complement them.

How will your bedding tie in with your existing furniture? As you start to look around your room you may realise some of your furniture has to go, or can be brought into line with a lick of paint.

Is your room already quite dark or small? Some cleverly placed lamps and light colours tend to brighten things up and create space.

Do your choices evoke a sense of relaxation and sleep? It’s easy to get carried away with all the choice when it comes to colour, but don’t forget you have to sleep there. 

You may have an eclectic style so layering patterns and styles will work, but it can take a bit of knack to pull this off, so if you’re not confident, perhaps stick to more neutral tones and use accessories such as artwork, mirrors, lamps and candles to add interest and accentuate your theme.