Anyone else impressed with Melissa's ability to accessorise Erin and Ants' kitchen using a trusty pistachio coloured tile as inspiration? 

Because the splashback tiles were a permanant fixture in the new space it was important the accessories complemented them, so it only makes sense to take a sample with you when you're shopping to make sure you hit the mark. 

Melissa chose black, gold and wooden kitchen and home wares accessories, and as she loves to do, added pops of 'life' with plants - these ones happened to be artificial, but they still do the trick to liven up the room.

Not sure what colour goes well with what? Get back to basics and revisit the colour wheel! Traditional colour combinations which work well include blues and oranges, purples and yellows and reds and greens, but with apps like Pinterest and a world of inspiration at your fingertips you'll find oodles of options. If you're more tactile, then do what Melissa did and hit the shops with your paint sample, colour swatch or tile in hand. Check out in-store displays and ask staff to give you a hand. 

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