Not everyone has a knack for styling or interior decorating and it can be tricky business getting the look and feel just right. Create the perfect balance between style and functionality using these simple  tips on how to "do furniture" in your home. 

Go with the flow It’s important every room connects to those around it in some way and has a flow. Choose a style you love and use it throughout the whole space – even painting your whole home one colour creates flow. Having a single theme doesn’t mean you need to be rigid. You can be eclectic and adventurous with your styling, after all there are no rules. Use personal objects that have meaning to you and mix them in with the trends.

Now don’t mess with the flow Furniture choice and placement is so important, after all you don’t want to be tripping over a bookcase no matter how stylish it is. Make sure your rooms aren't too full of stuff so by de-cluttering you’ll have more space and the rooms will look and feel bigger. A lot of people make the mistake of blocking access to out-door spaces with furniture, so keeping that indoor/outdoor flow is really important. 

Small spaces Using materials such as glass, metal and mirrors all help small spaces feel bigger. Choose furniture that’s not going to overpower the room, put drawers inside your wardrobe and maybe only have one bedside table in the guest bedroom. White opens up any room and always makes it look bigger than it is.

Storage solutions A lot of new homes have well thought out storage, but older homes often don’t. Everyone wants storage but they don’t necessarily want to see it. Be minimalistic, tie in matching pieces or have a flow of similar materials to help blend the storage in. Having items that don’t look like they are there to store things is the key.