Kids love a space to call their own and the bedroom is a place where they can express themselves, surrounded by their favourite things and their own personal style. Melissa has transformed some awesome kid's bedrooms on HOMEmade and has shown us how you can make a big difference with a few carefully chosen items.

Sleepy head: The bed is usually the biggest object in a bedroom so a new duvet set can completely change the look of a whole room. Take colours from the duvet to choose accessories such as lamps or light boxes, cushions, or even bean bags to extend your theme. 

Get arty: Use matching picture frames to create a mini gallery on your wall. Pull together a collection of your kid's artwork, photos or even pages from a favourite picture book will create a really personal feel. 

Showing off: Most kids love to display their treasures or favourite toys and a shadow box is a great way to do this. For all their other "stuff" some funky storage units or baskets can help keep the mess off the floor and help them organise their things (it might even encourage them to tidy up!).