After the massive renovation to Luke and Lou's home, which included painting and wallpapering, fitting out the living space with brand new furniture, ripping up the old flooring, laying new carpet AND putting up new curtains and lights, all Luke could really focus on was his new Samsung QLED TV. He was like a kid at Christmas, and it's no wonder because the QLED TV really is as good as it gets. 

Quantum Dot technology provides an "out-of-this-world viewing experience" with colour and contrast that is second to none. It has a Clear Connect Cable which is nearly invisible and means no messy wires, and it's no gap wall mount means it fits perfectly in any room. The 4 side bezel design allows viewing with no boundaries and because it's a smart TV (one of the smartest even), it's Smart Hub allows you can access all your shows from the one place, using one remote, plus Smart View allows you to access and control your TV through your smartphone via the Smart View app. 

No wonder Luke was a very happy camper when he saw this beauty sitting pride of place in his new living room!

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Samsung Q9F 4K Smart QLED TV 65" RRP $8330