Revolutionary in design and personalisation, the Frame TV brings your home to life. As the name suggest, the TV is a frame (you can choose the colour and material which best suits your home's style), and inside the frame is a state of the art TV - no big deal, until you turn the TV 'off' and it becomes a work of art. 

How it works: The Frame TV is pre-loaded with a range of artwork which you can access via the Art Store on the Samsung app. Choose individual artworks or take out monthly subscription so your artwork is always fresh and current. You can also upload your own photos via a USB or mobile device - the creative display options mean you can transform your photos into mini galleries which can be changed and updated as often as you like. 

And it's a jolly clever TV as well: Like all Samsung products, behind the excitement is incredible quality and state of the art features. The 4K UHD resolution boasts four times the pixels of HD, giving the viewer next level clarity and resolution, the Frame also detects ambient light and automatically balances the screen's brightness and colour tone. 

Whether in ArtMode or TVMode, this is one special TV!

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The Samsung Frame TV 55" RRP $3988