Courtney and Jess are absolutely NOT into gardening. So there was no point in planting flower beds or plants which needed special attention. Instead, Dan decided on rocks - after all - you can't kill rocks! But it wouldn't be a garden if it was just a pile of rocks, so Dan planted 100 native grasses which will practically take care of themselves and grow amongst the boulders. 

To begin the project Dan needed to remove the rotten deck and with thunder and lightening against him, he was able to create a cool, easy-care space for the family to enjoy - including a funky custom-built poker table out of sheet metal - an homage to Courtney who is a panel beater. 

What we planted

Buchananii, Comans Bronze, Secta, Testacea, Trifida, Virgata, Festuca Banks Peninsula Blue, Uncinia Red

Products we used

Garden Mix
Mulch and Feed

Dan showed us how to plant native grasses in a rock garden

  • Fill around the rocks with garden mix
  • Mix in Saturaid
  • Dig hole twice the size of root ball
  • Dip plant in Seasol
  • Plant the grasses
  • Pack with garden mix
  • Water
  • Cover with mulch and feed