Loma and Emma were pretty keen to have a space outdoors where the kids could play and be entertained. Their existing garden was spacious, flat and sunny (although we didn't see much sun when we were there!) so Dan planned a complete area with edible feijoa hedging leading from the stairs off the back deck to a playground, sandpit and large bespoke washing line made from recycled Totora. This is a fun yet practical space for both the kids and the parents to enjoy, and with EcoLawn artificial turf laid under the huge Kiwiplay playground it's an all weather outdoor option for the kids. 

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And, if you like the look of that artificial turf and want to know how to use it to transform your outdoor area, visit our friends at EcoLawn.

How to plant a feijoa hedge

* Fill the edged planting area with Tui Garden Mix

* Dig hole twice the size as the root ball

* Mix in Tui Mini Sheep Pellets

* Dip the plants in Seasol

* Plant the feijoa

* Fertilise with Tui NovaTec Premium Fertiliser

* Water well

Tui products we used 

  • Tui Garden Mix
  • Tui Sheep Pellets
  • Tui NovaTec Premium Fertiliser

Head to the Tui website for more details on how to grow an edible hedge in your garden.