Although it was a great big space, the deck was barren and didn’t reflect the warm and welcoming personalities of the Nelsons. On the up side – the HOMEmade crew were working with a blank canvas.

Dan’s vision was to transform the existing deck into a versatile meeting space for the family and their community, and ensure all the plants and furniture could easily be moved so the space could be reconfigured to suit the occasion.

After giving the deck a good clean, they resurfaced it with AstroTurf – which is durable and easy to care for. Dan repurposed some old scaffolding and planks to create a massive industrial style outdoor table and built three moveable wooden seating boxes painted with Resene All Black and Resene Bullseye, to add a bit of character to the space. They even fitted it out with a new BBQ from The Warehouse.

They used concrete-look planter boxes on caster trolleys and planted movable hedges using Tui Superlight Potting Mix (which is super light) so they could be easily relocated when need be.  

How to: planter boxes

  • Fill the base of each trough with a layer of scoria
  • Half fill the troughs with Tui Potting Mix to ensure the ‘Superlight’ product goes the distance
  • Fill the rest of the trough with Tui Superlight Potting Mix
  • Dip the plants into a bucket of Seasol
  • Bury the hedge plant roots into the troughs
  • Back fill/top up the troughs whilst mixing in Tui Sheep Pellets
  • Plant small flowering seedlings around the base of the hedges
  • Water the plants 

Plants we used

Griselina Broadway Mint

Seedlings: Alyssum White, Chrysanthemum White, Lobelia Cascade Dark Blue, Lobelia Cascade, Pansy Black/Blue/Cold Colours, Polyanthus Hot Blend, Viola Tiger Red Yellow

Tui products we used

  • Tui Superlight Potting Mix
  • Tui Mini Sheep Pellets
  • Tui NovaTec Premium Fertiliser
  • Tui Potting Mix
  • Seasol 

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