The outside area of the boy's flat was a bit of a shambles. The HOMEmade crew decided to tidy up the side of the house and create a proper driveway for the flatmates to park, and what better use for the grass strip down the middle of those fresh concrete slabs than a cricket pitch! 

Because the condition of the existing lawn and overall soil quality was very poor, Dan needed to give things a boost to ensure the new plants and grass would grow, before he planted the shrubs down the sides of the driveway he used Tui Garden Mix, Seasol and Tui Black Mulch to nourish the soil. 

How to patch ruined lawn

* Excavate the area by hand

* Prepare the excavated area by laying Tui Lawn Preparation Mix 

* Sew the Tui Superstrike Stadium Blend Lawn Seed on top of the preparation mix then rake 

* Water the lawn seed

* Keep the patch well watered

Visit the Tui website for a step-by-step guide to planting your own backyard sports field and tips to care for your lawn.


Plants we used

  • Tui Superstrike Stadium Blend Lawn Seed
  • Pittosporum crassifolium and Ilex cassine Largo (along the side of the driveway) 

Tui products we used

  • Tui Lawn Preparation Mix
  • Tui Superstrike Stadium Blend Lawn Seed
  • Tui Lawn Fertiliser
  • Tui Garden Mix
  • Tui Seasol
  • Tui Black Mulch