Despite established fruit trees, some very happy chooks, and a huge space to play, the Khan’s backyard had whole lot of not much going on – except for a couple of giant looming pylons.

Fazeel is passionate about growing fruit for his family, and Amna loves cooking, so we knew some additional fruit trees and a raised vegie patch filled with peas, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce, would go down a treat.

We also set up a compound composter and worm farm which the kids can get involved with, and will help feed the existing trees.

The deck got a scrub up and was fit out with a couple of awesome beanbags, and Dan and Dion built a colourful playground so the kids can make the most of this awesome space. 

“I love the space and the colourfulness,” says Amna. “That is so unbelievable – it’s amazing, I am absolutely delighted with what you’ve done,” says Fazeel.

How to start your own worm farm

  • Build the Reln Garden Worm Cafe worm farm
  • Soak coir brick then place it in the top tray
  • Add compost
  • Add worms
  • Add food scraps
  • Cover with mat
  • Sprinkle over conditioner and water

Tui products we used

Reln Garden Worm Café worm farm, Reln Garden Tumbling Composter, Tui Vegetable mix, Seasol and Tui Pea Straw. 

Visit the Tui website for more info on setting up your own urban farm and WIN everything you need to get started.