Ross and Vanessa’s back yard really needed new life injected into it. Because their house is so tiny they rely on the outdoor area for entertaining and for the kids to play. Dan built floating stairs connecting the deck to the lawn, making the whole space safer for the kids and more usable. He also built a raised garden box, close to the back door, so Vanessa can easily pop out and grab herbs from the garden (she was really keen on having something edible in her garden). Dan also planted Tui Seed Potatoes which will be ready to harvest in just a few months. And with wet weather and all that heavy duty garden construction new grass seed was laid to tidy up the mud-pit they created.

Plants we used

In the planter box: around the potatoes we planted a selection of hardy herbs including Sage, Mint, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary. The tall tree in the middle was a Laurus Nobilus Standard.

Under the floating decks: Trailing Rosemary, Clivia, Lomandra are all hardy plants requiring little maintenance and offering good covering and a pop of colour. 

How to: Grow your own potatoes

There is no tastier spud than one that’s been dug out of your own garden, and planting a crop for this season is easy. Dan walked us through how to prepare your garden and how to ensure your potatoes have the best start in a few simple steps;

1.    Fill the planting dividers with Tui Vegetable Mix and the recommended ratio of Tui Sheep Pellets (the pellets attract worms and add instant nutrients to the soil)

2.    Dig small furrows for potatoes approximately 300mm-400mm apart, depending on the variety

3.    Plant potatoes (sprout up) and cover with soil

4.    Spread Tui Pea Straw over top (keeps moisture in and weeds out)

5.    Sprinkle Tui Quash over top

6.    Water well

Regular watering and feeding your plants, along with keeping them free of insects and other pests, will ensure you produce a stellar crop. 

The following Tui products we used in this project

  • Tui Seed Potatoes (Summer Beauty)
  • Tui Vegetable Mix
  • Tui Sheep Pellets
  • Seasol
  • Tui Pea Straw Mulch
  • Tui Quash 

Visit the Tui website for more information on this project and the products used, including a detailed step-by-step guide to growing your own kitchen garden

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