There’s nothing like picking juicy home grown fruit from your garden during the warmer months and Spring is the perfect time to not only plant a fruit garden but to ensure your existing plants are well nourished to ensure a bumper crop.

HOMEmade’s garden gurus Tui have helped us out with some handy tips on how to nurture your Spring fruit garden and ensure a delicious season ahead. 

  • As always good soil preparation is the key to a bountiful harvest so dig in compost and Tui Sheep Pellets before planting new fruit plants.
  • An application of Seaweed Plant Tonic every 2-4 weeks will keep your fruit trees thriving - this seaweed based plant tonic promotes strong root growth, reduces transplant shock and increases fruiting and flowering capacity.
  • Citrus trees and sub-tropicals such as tamarillo and passionfruit are ideal to plant in
    Spring once the frosts have finished.
  • Newly planted trees should be well mulched with Tui Mulch & Feed.
  • Finish picking the last of the citrus crops - lemons, limes, mandarins and cumquats will all be ripe and ready for harvest.
  • It is also time to feed existing citrus with specially formulated Tui Citrus Food to make sure you get a bumper crop of juicy fruit next season.
  • Thin out fruit where it has set too quickly.
  • Get your strawberry plants in the ground if you haven’t already. A good rule of thumb is to plant five strawberry plants for each member of the household. Plant in Tui Strawberry Mix which contains extra potassium – just what your strawberry plants need to encourage a plentiful harvest of big juicy fruit. See Tui’s Strawberry Growing Guide for more information.
  • Feed existing strawberries and other berries with Tui Strawberry Food