Retro landscaping - it's a thing! Keen gardeners, organic and vegan, Sarah and Peter’s existing vegetable garden is well established with a complex composting system in place. Continuing this theme, Dan created more organic garden at the front of their section, incorporating a retro seal water feature and cape cod chairs to complement their funky house.

How to plant organically

Dan demonstrated how to plant a Buxus into a container pot and organic edibles around the pavers using Tui organic products.

  • Put a base of Tui Certified Organic Potting mix in the bottom of the pot
  • Dip Buxus in Seasol
  • Place Buxus in the pot
  • Fill around the root base
  • Water
  • Fill paver gaps and area with Tui Certified Organic Vegetable Mix
  • Mix in Tui Certified Organic Fertiliser
  • Dip seedlings in Seasol
  • Plant seedlings
  • Water

Plants we used: Ground Cover Thyme, Lettuce, Sage, Spring Onions
Tui products we used: Tui Certified Organic Vegetable Mix, Tui Certified Organic Potting Mix, Tui Certified Organic Fertiliser

Visit the Tui website for more information on growing your own organic garden and WIN everything you need to get started!