Mareen's meandering backyard was overgrown and full of big privets, bamboo, and some shonky paving. Although Dan is usually pretty ambitious with what he can achieve in two days, this time, he decided to keep with the sanctuary theme and do something special on Marueen's sunny balcony. 

To give things a freshen up he waterblasted the whole deck. He then built a custom wooden day bed for Maureen and her grandkids to soak in the sun and to watch the birds flock around the native bird feeder he erected. Dan built a clever saddle planter and filled it with native plants to attract the birds and bees. At the other end of the balcony he sprayed her old cane furniture, giving it some new life and set up a beautiful space for cups of tea and leisurely afternoons. 

Tui products we used

* Tui Wild Bird Feeder – Nectar Feeder

* Tui Wild Bird Feeder – Perky Pet Mason Jar Feeder

* Tui Wild Bird Seed

* Tui Pot Power

Watch below as Dan shows us how to make a native bird feeder

What we planted

  • Aristotelia Serrata
  • Astelia Banksii
  • Carpodetus Serratus
  • Clianthus Kaka Beak
  • Coprosma Acerosa
  • Coprosma Green Rocks
  • Fuchsia Excorticata
  • Fuchsia Procumbens
  • Leptospermum Scoparium
  • Libertia Grandiflora
  • Phormium Black Rage
  • Phormium Cookianum
  • Pseudopanax Laetus

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