Dan sought out an under-utilised but super sunny spot in Erin and Ants' garden to create an outdoor entertaining area. In huge concrete planters Dan planted Star Jasmine along an espalier fence line in the shape of diamonds. He planted a lavender hedge along the house and used natural paving and hokey-pokey pebble into the extended courtyard.

We love building custom designed furniture on HOMEmade, and Erin and Ants' bespoke outdoor table took Dion the good part of two days to construct - with 147 pieces of timber (each piece needing to be cut and stained), this massive pine structure is the feature of their new entertaining area. 

What we planted

Lavender (along the house line)

Apple trees

Star Jasmine

Lemon and Lime trees

Tui products we used

Tui Garden Mix

Tui Sheep Pellets


Step by step guide to planting an espalier garden

  • String the espalier wires on the fence
  • Fill platers with Tui Garden Mix
  • Mix in Sheep Pellets
  • Dip plants in Seasol
  • Plant the plants, back filling with Garden Mix
  • Tie plants to the espalier wires
  • Water with remaining Seasol

Head over the Tui website to learn more about creating an espaliered garden at your place, and WIN everything you need to get started.