Ellen and Sophie had pretty clear requirements for their garden makeover - something to attract the Tui and plenty of herbs. But there was no way anything was going to grow in that back yard until the monstrous tree dominating the garden, dropping acidic pine needles and blocking the light, was brought down to size. Thanks to his mates at Tree Climbers, Dan had the tree turned into a stump, which he in turn transformed into the base for a table, coupled with some funky high-backed wooden chairs. 

The back fence got a coat of paint which completely changed the look of the space and made the colours in the garden really pop. Along the back fence Dan planted some tall Gardenia Radicals and the garden bed was covered in a carpet of thyme and other herbs. All this was interwoven amongst an intricate hexagonal tile design. And in case there weren't enough herbs in the garden, Dion built a kitchen window box and filled it with basil and other edibles. 

Both Ellen and Sophie were thrilled with the transformation. 

What we planted

Rosemary, Lavenders, Ground Cover Thyme, Origano, Parsley, Basil, Chives, Mint
Michelia Gracipies (Hedge), Gardinia Radicals, Potted Colour, Dietes Grandi

Tui products we used 

Tui Herb Mix
Tui NovaTec Premium Fertiliser
Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic
Tui Garden Mix
Tui Black Mulch

How to plant a patio herb garden

  • Clear and edge the patio area
  • Fill around the pavers with Tui Herb Mix
  • Mix in Tui NovaTech Premium Fertiliser
  • Bath the plant in Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic
  • Place the plant into the hole and back fill with Herb Mix
  • Water well

Visit the Tui website for a step-by-step guide to growing your own patio herb garden, and you could WIN everything you need to get started!