Andrew and Jenna have a huge back yard with not a lot going on in it! Dan's vision was to create a patio-style entertaining area using massive pavers surrounded by a new retaining wall with custom built seating and planter boxes - an epic project involving concrete, paving, building and planting - in just two days. 

Dan demonstrated how to plant flowers and small shrubs into planter boxes. His method was to:

1. Fill the retained planter with Tui Container Mix

2. Mix in Tui Mini Sheep Pellets

3. Dip the plants in Seasol

4. Plant the shrubs

5. Plant around the shrubs in a variety of small flowering plants

6. Water

Tui products we used

  • Tui Container Potting Mix
  • Tui Sheep Pellets
  • Seasol

Want what they've got? Here's where we got it from...

Outdoor table and chairs - Bunnings 
Cushions, lanterns, candles, chopping board, throw, potplant and geometric wire piece - The Warehouse

For more tips and tricks on growing plants in small spaces visit the Tui website and WIN everything you need to get started!