We showcased some cool and colourful techniques in the Khan kids' play room, but they're not just for the kids. Check out our gallery of nifty ideas to write all over your walls. 

Resene Write-on Wall Paint is a shiny, clear coat finish which goes over the top of your wall paint. The lovely thing is, you can choose any interior colour your heart desires – and the top coat magically turns your wall into a whiteboard. Write on it with whiteboard markers or liquid chalk and when you're done, your words and scribbles are easy to wipe off with a rag. Use it in the kids’ bedrooms, in the kitchen, office or even in the classroom or boardroom.

Resene Blackboard Paint – Blackboard paint is a fun way to give the kids somewhere to scribble. With a range of colours including black, pink, blue and green you can suit your style. But if that's not enough choice you can use any other colour – just top it with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen which gives you the blackboard finish. 

Head over to the Resene website for more kidspiration!