A design element which is often overlooked when renovating your home is window treatments. A home without window treatments will look unfinished, and although often quite understated window treatments can create an instant impression to a room.

Curtains or blinds are a really effective way to give a room a lift and there are lots of high-impact options to suit your needs and your budget.

A few things to consider when choosing window dressings…

Dressing for warmth: The majority of warmth in your home is lost through windows so one of the major benefits of updated window dressings is keeping that warm air inside. New curtains will not only make the room look warmer but can also cover cold drafty windows common in older homes.

Applying sunblock: Often when we renovate we look at creating more light and opening up spaces but if you have a room which is a sun trap then sunscreen blinds are the way to go. Not only will they keep the room cool in summer, add an extra blackout layer to the window and they will help you get the kids asleep by seven when its daylight outside!

Keeping it private: In built up areas it’s not uncommon to be able to wave at your neighbours through your window, so having the option to screen your windows but still let in light is important. Sheer curtains, bi-folds, venetians or plantation shutters are just a few options to keep your home private while still keeping things stylish. 

What you chose will depend on your space, your needs, your budget and your own personal style. For more inspiration and ideas on how to match your curtains to your paint visit Resene.