Itching to get on board the Spring home improvement frenzy? Well, good news is that you don’t have to spend days and weeks on a project to make a huge difference. These paint jobs can all be knocked over in a weekend – some of them in an hour or two – and they’ll all give your home a fresh look. The best thing about paint is that if it doesn’t turn out quite as envisaged, you can paint over it – too easy!

Paint a room – One way to get a new look with minimum investment is to repaint the room. If the ceiling and trims are in good condition, then just concentrate on the walls and make sure you mask them well so you don’t damage adjacent areas. If you’re planning to paint but leave the rest of the room furnishings unchanged, then make sure your paint colours will match the existing items.

Or just one wall – If you feel creative, try out paint effect techniques, stencilling or have a go at creating stripes by masking out areas to paint in different colours. The Resene website,, has a huge range of project ideas to get you started.

Shut the front door – A standout front door can transform the whole look of your house. Popular front door colours are bold reds, such as Resene Jalapeno, bold citrus colours, such as Resene Daredevil or Resene Limerick, or for a sleek ultra modern look opt for black, such as Resene Nero. Use a gloss Resene Enamacryl finish to really make the colour really shine. Maybe this technique lends itself to your garage door?

Letterbox paint it to blend in with the rest of your home’s colour scheme, or paint it in a contrasting bright colour to make it easy for visitors to find you.  You can repaint a whole letterbox using Resene testpots, giving you a huge range of colour options, without needing to buy a whole can of paint.

Pots and planters – change the look of your whole garden by painting your pots and planters in bright colours. This is perfect for people who aren’t green thumbs. Chuck a succulent or other low maintenance plant in your pot and you’ve got a never-fail garden hack which will look amazing all summer.

Hit the deck staining your deck and wooden furniture (or giving it a lick of paint) can also do wonders for the entrance and entertaining areas of your house.  Use Resene Waterborne Woodsman for the fence and Resene Woodsman Decking Stain for the deck.  If you’re keen on a dark colour, be aware that these can get quite hot in summer.  If you decide to go darker, opt for a Resene CoolColour to help reflect more heat than the standard colour would.

Check out the Resene DIY tips for some handy painting and decorating suggestions. And grab yourself a Resene The Range Fashion Fandeck. It has all the latest Resene colours plus tips on matching the colours you like with complementary ones to get a complete look.