Wallpaper has been dressing the interiors of our homes for hundreds of years and up until around the 1930’s it was one of the most popular home decorating techniques out. But its appeal waxed and waned over the following decades as a trend towards plain painted walls took over.

Over the past few years however, we’ve seen wallpaper make a bold come back, and with modern technology on its side, gone are the daggy drab patterns and limitations of yesteryear.

“The options available are massive, with a range like we’ve never seen before. The chances are, if you have an idea in your mind you’ll find it, whereas five years ago you’d have to have it specially designed,” says Nikki Morris, Colour Consultant at Resene.

Today’s wallpaper is punchy and eye-catching, opulent and exciting and you can take your pick from stripes, geometric patterns, florals, metalics, industrial chic, retro, photographic designs and full wall murals, just to name a few styles. 

Statement walls are still very much on trend and people are using wallpaper to draw attention to a special part of their home such as a bedroom or living room wall, staircase or entry foyer, but Nikki believes it won’t be too long before we start to see a return to fully wallpapered homes.

“I think that will all come back with a more slightly modern twist. If you’re brave enough to wallpaper a whole room it can look amazing,” she says. 

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